Domain Wide Mail Search

Make it easy to search multiple G suite inboxes at once

$0 a month
Free plan
The free plan gives you one search query a day for no cost.
  • 1 search a day
  • 1 administrator
  • Up to 30 results
Only $0.8 / user a month
Enterprise Unlimited plan
The Enterprise Unlimited plan gives you to search as much as you like.
  • Unlimited search
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited results
It's never been so easy to search emails in G suite organizations
What is it Domain Wide Mail Search (DWMS)?
DWMS is an enterprise app explicitly designed for G suite domains. It let G suite administrators the ability to search for emails across the organization.
How to use DWMS?
The Domain Wide Mail Search app contains a search box that let administrators the ability to search for email messages across the entire organization.
How does it work?
Only G Suite administrators can use this service to search for emails across the domain. DWMS uses a service account that responsible for creating a temporary read-only access token each time an administrator run a search query. DWMS sends the search query to Gmail Servers and the results posted back to the G suite administrator. Your organization emails or private data never stored outside of Google servers.
Advanced Search
You can use all Gmail search operators. It's mean you can search for an email that contains specific text in the subject or the body. Besides, you can search by date, label, or attachment.
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